Recruitment Services for Indian & International Companies.
Recruitment for Indian Companies.

Head It understands the requirement of Indian companies as there are certain key factors of costs v/s sales output ratio which needs to be justified especially in an Indian company. The reason why a local company is different from an MNC or an International company is the buffer of cash reserves which the later has. More over an international company gets the advantage of conversion from their home currency and in comparison to international salaries, Indian salaries are still 30-40% lower than their counterparts in most of the western world.

Hence Head it picks up only such candidates which of course will contribute to the new company, but will not put a heavy overload into the pay roll.

Staff Appraisal / Exit Assistance.

Indian companies, unlike other countries, have a huge hierarchy. The companies comprise of Seniors as old as mid 50ís to as young as 21 or even 19, in some cases. Conducting appraisal is a yearly or half yearly (in some companies) affair. Seeing through the eyes of the employer, It seems regular and easy to conduct, with its actions affecting the financials / productivity of the company. Yet when seen through the eyes of the employee, it is linked to their life, family, ego, self esteem etc.
Every year, around the appraisal (Dec / Jan or March / April) either the company goes into new structuring, or tough decisions are made due to companies performance. This results in change of the behavior of the employee with their superiors, colleagues, HR department etc as employees take these actions personal rather than professional.

Here, Heat It steps in and acts as sponge to convey messages from the Management / Employee to the employees & vice versa. The personal barriers within the organizations do not exists as all employees faces Team of very Senior HR Heads. Being Neutral, they are more open to talk to us and let us know what and how they feel about certain individuals, events, actions of the management.
Head It, in turn informs the management about how their employees think about them, or expectations from the company, without divulging the names of the employees.

Head It not only tells the employees what the management expects from them, but also lets the management know where they need to invest in their employees.

Similarly, Head It also supports the exit interviews where the exiting employee can clearly let the management know, without changing any statements (unlike mostly done by H.R Departments due to favoritism, safe guarding self referred employees etc).

Recruitment for International Companies in INDIA.

The International companies in India need a complex & calculated employee. The one who understands local market yet is competent to understand global strategies. Of course such employees are not easy to find. Hence Head hunting for such employee is the best bet.

The Client’s specific need can only be fulfilled by a specific and focused search of such a candidate. Head It is an expert company which only “head hunts” for such international / MNCs in India.

Human Resource Consulting for International Companies.

Internationally, a FMCG Company’s Sales department is operated by 7-9 key players and they cover the whole world with such less number of employees. In India, 7-9 Sales & After Sales Representatives report to the Regional Manager alone. India is a different ball game all together as even though India is one of the booming economy with vast English speaking entrepreneurs with laptops, just an e mail with prices & margins does not result into sales. Even the repeat sales are not as effective unless a face to face meeting followed by technical training, updates on products, offers etc are provided to the Indian Distributors.

Hence a complex grid which satisfies the International companies and yet delivers into the Indian market needs to be made for every International company.

HEAD IT has such talented & experienced MBA’s in the Field of HR which makes exclusive reports for such International companies planning to enter into the Booming Indian Market.

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