Consulting Services

Consulting for Indian Companies

Market Research / Survey:
We conduct Market Research / Survey (Primary & Secondary) to ascertain first hand, authentic and updated information for our clients. This may be conducted for any Indian company which wants information on its clients, customers satisfaction, Suppliers, Market growth, new entrants, distributor profiling etc. Such activity is customized as per our client’s needs

Consulting for International Compaines

Head It is a Recruitment & Business Consulting firm which helps International companies in setting up their operations in India. Head It was established in the yr. 2009 and has helped a lot of mid sized American companies in setting up their operations in India.Most of mid sized International compaines prefer Head It for recruiting their Indian Head and providing top class consulting for setting up their operations in India.

Key Focus Area:

Finding right Business partners is the key to sucess. This is the fact across the world. In India, a right Business partner may not be enough as most of the distrbution partners do not prefer exclusive contracts.
Hence, it is necessary to keep a watch on the activities of your distribution partner who can, on worst cases, destroy the brand name of your company even before an official launch. We, Head It, have a team of such individuals who are experts in Market Research, Distributor Analysis, Distributor Check & Distributor Preformance. Our Stringent checks gets the best results for our International clients.


Our strong HR Team makes sure to hire the best from the relevent industry who understands the International crieteria & focus of our clients and, with his own experience into the Indian market, would convert it into most efficient & cost effective results.

Our Tie ups:

To make your operations efficient & cost effective, Head It has tie ups with various International Compaines present in India to give an International working experience to your Employee / Representative. 

A) Office Space: Head It has an exclusive tie up with International Business Centre "Regus". Regus has various offices across major cities of India at the Prime Business Centres. The National Sales Managers hired by Head It operates out of the various offices of Regus across India depending upon the focused geographic Region.

B) Logistics Support: Head It recommends some of the finest Logistics compaines present in India which efficiently operates across India. Hellmann, Shenkers & Gati are the most preffered logistics compaines of Head It.

C) Accounts & Finance:
Head It offers their out sourced Chartered Accountants C&C, based out of New Delhi. C&C are experts in guiding International compaines regarding all Legal & FOREX policies.

Business Model:

The hired National Manager acts as an agent of the International Company and gets paid part salary part commissions. This makes the Individual work harder for better renumeration.

Hotel Tie Up:

Most of the International travellers have heard different stories about India and are not confident about getting hygenic food of good hotel to stay. We understand your smallest of requirement & recommend Hyatt Hotel as the most preferred hotel for Business visitors. The Locations of Hyatt Hotels across major cities of India makes it the most preferred choice of Business visitores.

Local / Interstate Travel:

Head It also has tie up with most cost effective CAB/ Taxi Service providers. We would be glad in forwarding you their contacts or even booking cabs for your travel within India. Our recommendation would get you better rates than their regular printed charges as we forward the benefit of booking for our various clientel.

For more information on HOW Head It can help you in entering into the Indian market, kindly contact us via e mail:  or call us on the numbers mentioned in "Contact Us"


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